Fear of fear.

Last week, all schools were alarmed to be cautious as there could be a terrorist attack on schools.

The whole thing started circulating on all our WhatsApp groups. Parents started asking each other whether they should send their kids to school. Should they ask for more security from school? and so on.

And I thought, what the hell?! I mean, what kind of security are you talking about, couple of bouncers? What else can we expect?

Fidayeen terrorist attacks can’t be controlled completely, that is an unfortunate harsh reality of today’s world. The state can double the security checks. RAF check post can be put in certain defined radius.

But can we let our heart, mind and life get gripped to this fear of being killed mercilessly at any point of our life and that is for what. Religion?

Yes, I gave a whole lot of thought to that and above all I thought I am strong, I mean, any thing can happen any time to any one, so why fear? Why die before you actually, die.

No, those were just big thoughts that popped up in my head, and guess what, half of my brain didn’t cooperate with my so called great, strong thoughts. That night, my brain fed on my little fear hiding somewhere in the corner, and I couldn’t sleep. And yes, I didn’t send my daughter to school next morning. That’s a shame I know, but that is what it is, at times; You tend to go against what you believe in, but only ‘at times’.

We must go out and live every single precious moment as we want. We can’t kill our dreams, our smiles, our memories, just because something might or might not happen. I guess, then we would be the biggest terrorists of our lives.

Personally I am against any kind of killings, like most of us are (here I am sorry for being non vegetarian). Be it emotional, physical or even love, why kill that little beautiful rascal.

Let’s just kill fear, hatred and terrorism. I don’t exactly know how? But I am sure we will all find our ways to conquer all that.

Kabhi kisi ko itna bhi mat darrao ki darr hi khatam ho jaye” 


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