“Something which is hard to find, easy to miss and about to extinct”.

The moment I read it, I thought of space. Which is so scarce these days and almost about to extinct. I would save SPACE for posterity.

Today is an era of consumerism and modernisation. We are building up things to make our life convenient, and no doubt now it is a whole lot easy to communicate or commute, but it has also taken away the space. 

Space that we cherished during our childhood seems missing. Overhead flyovers have taken away the beautiful view that families enjoyed from their abode.

We all like going back to the place where we were born or have spent our childhood. It’s that nostalgic moment that we like sharing with our kids, friends or partner. I went back too, to the place where I was born and lived, for 19 beautiful years. Filled with excitement and happiness, I went inside the premises but to my utter disappointment, it was no more welcoming. 

The only thing which came into my notice was a line of cars parked on both sides of the road. I looked up and almost all the balconies were air tight closed, few people had gardens but even those were covered by huge walls or tall hedges, very few trees and few unkept plants. Sometimes I think the lesser the space, the smaller our heart is becoming.

Well, I went further in a hope to find children playing in old open park but again to my dismay, the park had been turned into a parking lot.

I gave a 360° look to the place which was once very welcoming and had space for everyone, I even remember lying down to stare at the sky and count stars, and now, it lack space and reeks of fear.

Why do we crave to go for hiking or want to move to suburbs? Why do we miss chirping of birds now? Why do we long for those long road side walks without being honked or pushed. May be because we find peace in these spaces! Our body and our mind need space, it gives us a completely different and better perspective towards life and people.

But seems like we have to learn to adjust in whatever space we have got.


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