Desert, my dessert.

​I am a hopeless romantic. No matter how barren, lonely or dry a desert is I will always find it romantic. 

Well, the reason could be movies,  especially the Bollywood movies and their romantic songs. Or my infatuation with Jaisalmer . Every time I think of desert, I think of Jaisalmer. No, I have never been there but the romantic soul inside me craves to be there.

I always wonder why all the dry  places be it Ladakh, Rajasthan, Gujarat have a very colourful culture and equally colourful attire.

 A night in the desert, I can make love to sand and play with night, all night. Feeling sand with your naked  hands and feet, letting them cover you and when some just stick to you, it is love. When you walk on desert and your feet sinks in every time you put it down and it seems like it holds you tight every time you pull out.

 Desert gives a feeling of longing. Who will understand love more, if not a lonely person. Desert being there for so long all alone, burns out all day and cools off every night.


7 thoughts on “Desert, my dessert.

  1. Kav… Ur post reminded me of this famous bollywood song frm Razia Sultan
    .. Hum bhatakate hain,.. kyon bhatakate hain dashta-o-seharaa mein
    Aisa lagaya hai.. mauj pyaasi hai apne dareeyaa mein
    kaisee ulazan hain, kyon ye ulazan hain?
    Aye dila-ye-naadaan aye dila-ye-naadaan
    aarajoo kyaa hain, justajoo kyaa hain


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