This is my take on cowardice WordPress prompt challenge.

They said she was a coward,  couldn’t face life and it’s harsh reality.

All night I kept thinking, was she really a coward?

We all go through emotional,  physical or financial breakdowns. 

We survive because we can’t dump the hope of having a better future, because we love life and its possibilities when this tough phase is over.

It takes a whole lot of strength for a mother to leave her children, in the pity of others. Leaving all her dreams unfulfilled. She was not a coward, she gathered strength to take her last toughest decision.

People around her were the real cowards, people who claimed they loved her were coward.

Coward is to ignore people suffering in front of us and not being empathetic, coward is NOT being patient with people suffering mental illness and feeling alone. 

It is our failure and COWARDICE to not hold their hand and pull them out of the whirlwind of darkness.


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