Happy Birthday Papa!

My dad had an amazing life, full of strange, weird, funny, naughty, exciting, daring experiences, you can add as many adjectives as you know under the sun.

He was born in a small village of Uttar Pradesh. It is an old saying that the chances to survive is meek if it is a third born child. 

My grandma had a very hard time giving birth to my dad, all the village ladies were afraid that they might lose both the child and mother, they were ready to let go of the child, anyway my dad came to this world alive and my grandma picked up her health after sometime.

My aunts used to tell me that “Your dad was so weak and worned off that they had to keep him half dipped in a big pan filled with musturd oil”. 

Wow! Isn’t it remarkable how in old days people used natural resources but with great respect and responsibility,  believed in their insticts and had an observant eye and had something or other for everything.

I don’t know if my dad is a born fighter or was just lucky. Well after so much pain and sacrifices my dad turned out to be a complete brat. He was one of those village kids who despite of being poor, very dark complexion and backward never bowed down to anything or anyone, yes he is our very own angry young man. 

You all must be thinking why I have highlighted cast, colour and poverty in a negative manner. But here what I wanted to say is you will be who you want to be, your attitude towards yourself will define you, not what colour you are of and what name or community you have.

Well going further with the story;

As a child I used to think that my dad must be a Super man, he can do everything, we just need to put finger on something and it was there. His knowledge in almost every field was impeccable.

No matter how strong a man he seems to be his heart is equally mushy. His love, care and dedication towards people around him, is unmatched. 

He is in his late 70s now, yet I have never seen him tired or down, touchwood. I wish he stays like that for many more years to come, Always full of life. 

Of course he is not a man of perfection. He has got flaws too and out of many, one that scares the hell out of me is, no not alcohol but driving. I am not really a big fan of his driving skills. People actually thank God, when they put their foot on ground. Yup, besides my brother he too taught me how to drive 🙂 and couple of months back he told me, I am an aggressive driver, and should drive carefully :))

Both my siblings and I always ask him to write about his life journey because he has told us few of his life incidents which are amazing but he never listens. Maybe some day I will right his biography. I know he is not some famous person but we all have some history and stories to tell which we must share.

I don’t know why I started writing about my dad, may be because of all the amazing stories he has told us or may be I still believe that he actually is superman. Reason could be anything or nothing.

When a person becomes a parent or a dad we expect them to be more responsible more sensible and more of everything, that we forget to see them as just a person who is more than a dad or mom, they are a child too, they feel young too.

They are more than just a superman, they are, a person with a world inside them.


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